Send Special Offers to selected Buyers on CheMondis

There are two different ways of selling products on CheMondis. Suppliers can either choose to sell products directly as instant deals at fixed list prices or they can individually issue quotes based on quote requests from prospective customers.

Next to instant deals and quote requests the CheMondis marketplace is introducing a third option for suppliers to sell products on the marketplace. Sell and buy products as special offers. The integrated special offer feature allows suppliers to make custom deals for selected buyers.

As with any other product offer, suppliers can decide to provide special offers as instant deals, quote requests, or both.

What makes special offers unique?

Special offers are not publicly accessible, they cannot be found in the search bar results. Instead, suppliers receive a unique URL for the special offer, which then can be exclusively shared with selected buyers – simply by sharing the link.

The special offer can be granted to any buyer the supplier selects. However only selected buyers can see and accept the special offer.

Why bother?

Granting special offers to buyers can have different reasons. As a supplier, you want to use this feature to offer special prices to specific long-time customers and/or buyers with high purchasing volumes. In other cases, it can be useful when suppliers are clearing storage capacities for future productions.

This may include products that cannot be stored for a long time or products which are off-specification. Send selected buyers a special offer for any reason you choose.

How does it work?

If you want to use the special offer function, please contact the CheMondis Team and let us know about it. Either you can contact your customer success manager directly or reach out to us via Once our team has activated the feature for your supplier account you will be able to make special offers for selected buyers.

In order to make a special offer, upload your product via the regular product upload. Log in to CheMondis, head to “my products”, click “add product” and mark it as a “special offer”.  Save your product information and you’re done!

Step 1: Contact customer success manager

Step 2: Activate “special offer” feature

Step 3: Log in to CheMondis

Step 4: Head to “my products”

Step 5: Click “add product”

Step 6: Mark as “special offer”

Step 7: Click “save”

Step 8: Copy unique URL

Step 9: Send out URL to picked buyers

What are the costs?

During the testing period, the special offer feature can be used by any supplier absolutely free of charge. In order to activate the feature on CheMondis please contact your customer success manager or the CheMondis team via

Now it is up for you

What do you think of the CheMondis special offer feature? Is it helpful? What is most helpful to you? And which other features could be useful on the marketplace? Let us know and leave a comment in the section below!

Thank you for taking the time to read the CheMondis Blog.

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