Who is on the other end? Meet our Business Development team.

CheMondis is built on many different, equally important pillars. One major pillar is our product, of course. But just as important are our customers and thus the people that are in constant exchange with them. Therefore, today we would like to introduce our Business Development team.

What Is Our Purpose?

The purpose of Team Business Development is threefold.

  1. We want to make sure that our customer base is constantly growing for you as a user to be able to find attractive business partners.
  2. We want our customers to use our marketplace successfully and get as much as possible out of it.
  3. We want to help our customers with any questions that might arise on the way.

12 Team Members Shape Our Customer Experience Day by Day.

In case you are already a registered marketplace customer, you have met some of the members of our Business Development Team for sure. Be it a classic onboarding, a question about the verification process, or a support request.

Currently, we are counting eight Business Development Managers, who we will introduce to you throughout this article.

They are growing our customer base every day and we want to make sure that every customer becomes familiar with the most important functionalities. To make it as easy as possible for our users, we always try to address potential customers in Europe in their native language. Therefore, at CheMondis you will find native speakers in almost all commonly spoken European languages. #diversity

Next to the business developers, we have one colleague taking care of all Customer Service Management. Whenever you send an e-mail to our support address or a chat message, she will take care of it. She also takes care of the verification process every customer needs to run through when registering on CheMondis.

Additionally we have two working students supporting the team in multiple tasks from approaching customers actively to helping out in the verification proccess.

Now – let’s meet the team…

Team Lead

Alexander Kronenberg

Joined CheMondis: December 2019
Country responsibility:
Passion: Try to create a sales team where everybody feels important, enjoys themselves, knows their jobs, feels respected and feels needed.
Quote: “Love it or leave it!”
Contact Details: +49 171 2991331
Email: alexander.kronenberg@chemondis.com

Business Development Managers

Umut Öztürk

Joined CheMondis: September 2020
Country responsibility:
Passion: Being part of successes and achievements.
Quote: “My success is not only achieving my target, it is also to assist my customers to achieve their success.”
Contact Details: +49 221 828 28 343
Email: umut.oeztuerk@chemondis.com

Fabio Donegatti

Joined CheMondis: August 2020
Country responsibility:
Passion: Step out of the comfort zone.
Quote: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
Contact Details: +49 221 82 82 83 29
Email: fabio.donegatti@chemondis.com

Andrea Veronese

Joined CheMondis: August 2020
Country responsibility:
Passion: Endurance.
Quote: “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”
Contact Details: +49 221 82 82 83 30
Email: andrea.veronese@chemondis.com

Juan Manuel Alvarado

Joined CheMondis: April 2020
Country responsibility:
Passion: traveling and getting to know new cultures
Quote: “If you understand what your customer needs, you will always find a way to do business successfully, you are able to create value.”
Contact Details: +49 221 37050520
Email: juan.alvarado@chemondis.com

Caroline Gercek

Joined CheMondis: April 2020
Country responsibility:
Passion: Meeting new people
Quote: “Nothing better than having a happy customer.”
Contact Details: +49 221 828 281 89
Email: caroline.gercek@chemondis.com

David Kunisch

Joined CheMondis: January 2018
Country responsibility:
Passion: trying out new things
Quote: “You’ll never know, if you never go.”
Contact Details: +49 151 7461 3133
Email: David.Kunisch@chemondis.com

Florian Pagels

Joined CheMondis: April 2020
Country responsibility:
Passion: Sports
Quote: “The best thing about my job is the partnership-based cooperation at eye level with my customers.”
Contact Details: +49 221 370 50 509
Email: florian.pagels@chemondis.com

Oksana Senchyshyn

Joined CheMondis: July 2020
Country responsibility:
Passion: Interior design
Quote: “Digitalization is our future, I am happy to be here and help customers to make life more easy and satisfy their needs.”
Contact Details: +49 151 522 70 009
Email: oksana.senchyshyn@chemondis.com

Mladen Vidojevic

Joined CheMondis: April 2020
Country responsibility:
Passion: connecting with people
Quote: “You learn something in each conversation with a customer, so always focus on listening what they really need and be someone they can rely on, because this is the best way to achieve great things.”
Contact Details: +49 170 331 67 47
Email: mladen.vidojevic@chemondis.com

Customer Service Manager

Keum-Won Jung

Joined CheMondis: August 2018
Country responsibility:
Passion: Hiking and discovering landscapes & other cultures
Quote: “… for a better tomorrow”
Contact Details: +49 221 82829121

Customer Development Experts

Zaid Abu-Shehab

Joined CheMondis: February 2020
Passion: Customer success and retention
Quote: “If we dont’t take care of our customers, someone else will.”

Aya Ben Fodha

Joined CheMondis: September 2020
Supported region: France
Passion: Photography, books, capoeira, traveling and discovering new cultures
Quote: “My mission is to create relationships based on trust with our customers by being a great listener, caring about their individual needs and showing them what CheMondis does best for them.”

Daria Gerasimova

Joined CheMondis: January 2020
Passion: Finding what a customer needs
Quote: “It’s great to see the growing number of customers who were able to apply the platform services in practice.”

Elvis Pysqyli

Joined CheMondis: September 2020
Supported region: Italy
Passion: Reading supposedly hard books and thinking about the big questions
Quote: “A day full of accomplishments is a good day”

Maria Rueda

Joined CheMondis: September 2020
Supported region: Spain
Passion: Learning something new
Quote: “Sales is a job where there are no limits to the success one can achieve”

Luca Winkmann

Joined CheMondis: September 2020
Supported region: Germany
Passion: Music, cars & fitness
Quote: “Be humble. Be hungry. And always be the hardest worker in the room.”

Why Our Approach Leads Us to Success?

Positivity, a hands-on mentality and a mindset to try out new things and practices are our key to success. Supporting each other wherever possible and being successful together as a team are our highest values. And this is something that the customers feel immediately. We take the time and whatever it needs to meet the demand of our customers in the best possible way.

You Are Interested Now In Learning More About CheMondis? Get In Touch with Your Respective Business Developer Now!

The entire team would be happy to give you a demo on our marketplace to show you what’s in for you or to help you out with other issues you might have. Just check who of the team might be the responsible contact person.

We cannot wait hearing from you soon!

Thanks for taking the time to read the CheMondis Blog. 

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