We Introduce our New Quoting and Negotiating Process.

The Digital Way to Negotiate Chemicals.

We are eager to make our product and our services to our customers better every day. This is why we are excited to reach another step in improving CheMondis for you. Based on the feedback we received from our most active customers, we improved the negotiating and quote request interface and process. 

The new interface and process is available for all CheMondis users since July 2020. Since the relaunch, quoting and negotiating is a lot more transparent for both parties and you can close a deal much faster

For those of you who used the quote system before, there are a few additions that we will point out. For you, as a new customer, this will be even more informative to learn about negotiations on CheMondis.

This Is What the New Negotiation Interface Looks Like. 

The new interface displays your negotiation in two parts so that everything can be transparently displayed on one screen – like shown the picture below. 

  • On the right side, you as a Buyer and as a Supplier can see a negotiation form. This form includes fields for all required information to create an offer on CheMondis. Filling in or adding to the form can be done at any time by any of the parties – neither Buyers nor Suppliers need to wait for the other party to use the form as a negotiation channel. 
  • On the left side of the screen, you can see the chat functionality that displays all messages or documents exchanged, as well as all updates made within the form from the other party. 

What Is in for You? 

With the new interface we make sure that both parties could work on the same form in parallel. Buyers can define their requirements and wishes. Suppliers can narrow down their offer.  

If one party doesn’t agree with a certain term, such as the volume, they can change the details in the form. This change will be transparently displayed to the other party within the chat and can be changed or accepted.  

For Buyers

  • You can directly add information and requirements (e.g. packaging or incoterms) at any time of the negotiation process. For the price, we recommend to first wait for a supplier offer that can then be negotiated. 
  • To ask the supplier for different conditions, you can use the chat or directly change the form to your requirements. 
  • As soon as you are satisfied with the conditions you can accept the suppliers’ offer, or you request an order yourself. If you don’t agree you can re-negotiate by asking for different details within the chat or by changing them directly in the form. 

For Suppliers

  • You can find all negotiations and the form to create an offer on the same screen to transfer any information. 
  • The requirements and needs for your buyer will be more transparent and easier to obtain for you, since buyers can add them to the form at any time. Change the form to your expectations and send the offer as soon as you have negotiated all conditions. 

Now It Is up to You.

For registered CheMondis users, we do offer you a more detailed explanation page. Please find our Intercom Chat message that occurs on the Quote dashboard. You can also always contact us with any questions or feedback. 

Also, we offer Webinars about “Get the Best Deal for your Company – How to Negotiate Products on CheMondis” where we will also explain more about the new process. Register now for free!

You are already familiar with the new process? Enjoy negotiating online on CheMondis now! 

Thanks for taking the time to read the CheMondis Blog. 

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