New Design of Quotes for the Negotiation Process

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New Design of Quotes for the Negotiation Process

  • The interface contains two parts, the form that includes all information to create an offer on the right side and the chat that displays negotiations, documents, and updates made within the form on the left side – everything is transparently displayed on one screen.

  • During the negotiation, both parties can now work together on the same form to fill in the required information for an offer. Changes one side makes are transparently reflected in the chat.

  • After the form is filled out the offer can be sent by both sides and then either be accepted or re-negotiated. To update the fields again use the renegotiate button.

What the form is all about

Buyers and Suppliers fill out the same form to display their requirements and/or offer. Regarding the price, we recommend that the supplier makes the first offer that can then be negotiated.

Please note that the Quote Request has already been sent to the Supplier when the Form occurs – no matter how much information the Buyer gives initially. It is possible for the Buyer to add more information at any later point in time.

How Buyers and Suppliers use the Form in Detail

The Order can be Initiated by either the Buyer or the Supplier

As soon as one side is satisfied with the conditions it can send out an offer to the negotiating partner. This offer can then be accepted or re-negotiated. In both cases, a final re-confirmation from the other party is needed.

For feedback or any additional questions please contact us or get in touch with your personal account manager.
You can also sign up for our Webinar on “How to Negotiate on CheMondis”.

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