Welcome to 2021 with a couple of Feature Updates.

Welcome to another year full of CheMondis marketplace improvements, new features, and services. To kick-off the new year we launched a couple of small but very useful functionalities to make life easier for you! Get to know what’s new and benefit when doing your first business on CheMondis this year…

Here is what we improved for you:

1. Export all Tables like Quote, Order, Agreement Overviews as an Excel File.

You want to save your requests, offer, agreement and order overviews on your local computer? You want to have files to analyze? You want to forward any information to a colleague who is not on CheMondis yet?

Use our new export feature and download any kind of file by navigating either to “Requests”, “Agreements” or “Orders” and then look for the export button.

2. Search within every Brand Shop.

The new search bar for brand shops will make the search for buyers a lot more effective and convenient. Any potential buyer can now search for any product within a brand shop of one particular company. If you are a supplier on CheMondis and interested in having your own brand shop, please reach out to your Account Manager to get this feature activated for free.

3. Intelligent Hints within the Chat for an Easier Negotiation Process

Our chat is at the heart of all negotiations on CheMondis. But, in order to formalize a deal and avoid misunderstandings, buyers and suppliers use the form right next to the chat.

From now on, the two elements work together more conveniently: Our system now automatically detects any information relevant for the form when you type it into the chat. It sends you a hint and asks you whether you would like to transfer certain information into the form. This applies to information regarding volume, packaging, pricing, or logistics. If you would like to accept any kind of suggested change in the form, just click on accept or decline by clicking “not now”. Those intelligent hints will save you efforts and time.

4. Buyers can Save Searches by Clicking only one Button.

If you are looking for the same products regularly and want to save your searches to come back to them later, you can now save a search term. If you like, you can also add any filters. Your saved searches can easily be accessed from the search bar on the main search page.

5. Preview for Buyers: Supplier Location and Manufacturer filters.

We have launched new filters for buyers to narrow down your search: As of now location and manufacturer filters are available for you to apply to any search. They work exactly the same like all other filters, try it out.

Now It is up to You.

Did you set up a brand shop already? Have you made use of our new filters or even downloaded you latest order overview? We are happy to hear your feedback, comments or wishes for other improvements.

Text us (support@chemondis.com) and let us know!

Thanks for taking the time to read the CheMondis blog.

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