Forward Not Fitting Buyer Requests to Partners.

You are receiving requests from buyers, but unfortunately, you cannot offer the requested quantity, packaging, or logistics service? Or you simply do not deliver to the requested regions?

As of now, you can forward those requests to your partners directly on CheMondis. This may be your mother, sister, or daughter company, your distributor, or any other partner.  It is a win-win. While the buyer will receive an offer, after all, you keep the chance to sell your products and to create high customer satisfaction.

How the Feature Works.

If you received a request that is very promising but that cannot be served by your company, please keep your eye out for the button “Forward Request”. It can be found in the request details at the top of the chat.

Next, fill out the form by adding the Company Name” and optionally the respective Contact Person” at your partner company   Ideally, your contact person is registered on CheMondis as well.

Please also define the reason for the forwarding as it will help the buyer to understand your decision and the next steps.

After sending the form, the request will be closed and forwarded. The CheMondis service team will now take care of informing the buyer and your partner to help them finalizing the purchase order.

Now It Is Up to You.

Try the feature now for any requests you cannot serve yourself. If you have any comments, questions, or wishes regarding this feature or anything else on CheMondis, please contact

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