Connect your ERP system with CheMondis now.

CheMondis is reaching another step to digitize and optimize the chemical industry. For suppliers we offer a new way of using CheMondis.

So far you know CheMondis as an easy tool to make your products available to a large, international customer base, allowing you to generate new sales in potential new markets. Now we are very happy to now introduce you to a new way of using CheMondis: From now on you can connect your ERP system directly with CheMondis. This will allow you to receive and process orders a lot faster. It will remove double work and save you time that you can use more effectively.

In order to provide you this service, we collaborate with Elemica. Your buyer does not need to use Elemica, your connection to CheMondis is sufficient.

Become more efficient and accurate in your day-to-day operations with the new CheMondis ERP connection.

  1. Reduce Order Entry Efforts
    Use CheMondis to forward new orders directly into your ERP. Forget about exporting, printing, or emailing orders at scale. Instead of keeping your team busy with manual entries, automate transactions and let them focus on truly helping your customers.
  2. Automate your existing business via our ERP integration
    Use CheMondis as your fully automated online shop. Your existing buyers use the CheMondis interface to submit their orders directly into your ERP.
  3. Streamlined Order Communications
    Deliver documents such as order confirmations, Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs), invoices, and Certificates of Analysis (CoAs) from your ERP system directly to your customers.

Establish a connection for flawless speed and less manual effort.

The integration enables you to do the following actions directly from your ERP system. No more double work, e-mail chaos, etc. All common ERP systems are supported.

1) Order Creation
Orders placed on CheMondis are sent to your ERP system and an order is created automatically.

2) Order Response (changes & confirmations)
Any status update in your ERP system (pending, confirmed, shipped) will automatically be forwarded to CheMondis and shown to your customer.

3) Advance Shipping Notice
Customers will automatically be informed about batch details (production and expiry date) and the estimated time of arrival (ETA) as soon as the material is picked.

4) Certificate of Analysis
The CoA for each shipped batch is provided in PDF form and can be downloaded by the customer in the order details on CheMondis.

5) Invoice
Create the invoice in your ERP system and it will automatically be provided in PDF form to your customer and can be downloaded from CheMondis.

You want to benefit from all these advantages?

Use our starter’s package and benefit from reduced rates*

 *valid until Dec 31st, 2021

Get in touch with us now!

If you are interested in connecting your ERP system with CheMondis please contact your account manager or send an email to

We will then arrange a kick-off meeting with you to discuss your business questions and technical requirements. If you decide for the connection, you can expect the technical setup to be done in 2-4 weeks. For existing CheMondis customers we host 2 webinars for further information.

Please join us on April 28th or 29th 2021 in one of our webinar sessions.

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