Nine things you don’t know about our Supplier Badges.

You’ve probably seen it in our marketplace, right?

Suppliers can now earn badges that will be displayed in different areas on CheMondis. This helps suppliers to stand out from the competition.

Buyers can actively look for suppliers having the badge that is important to them to ensure that all individual requirements are met.

Let’s take a closer look at the badges and their meanings…

There Are Nine Different Badges That Can Be Earned.

As you know, on CheMondis every supplier is individually verified by us. We attach great importance to this to ensure a high-quality standard on CheMondis.

We introduced the Supplier badges for two main reasons

1. to give you as a supplier the chance to outperform the competition

2. and to give some incentive to be active on CheMondis, for example getting the badge as a reward for always responding to requests fast.

This will help every Buyer to find our highest-performing suppliers immediately.

Following Badges Can Be Earned and Are Visible on Chemondis – When Received.

Rising Star: Provides not just full company information but also requirements around Incoterms, package types, and quantities to enable filtering.

Premium Seller: Actively conducted orders on CheMondis within the last 90 days.

Store Owner: Lists all products in an own brand shop.

ERP Connected: Automates order entries and order responses between ERP system and CheMondis to make order information available in real-time.

Documents Available: More than 90% of the active products have a TDS uploaded.

Reliable Replier: Takes care of always responding to requests.

Fast Replier: Ensures to always reply within 5 working days.

Power Seller: At least 50 products published on CheMondis.

Descriptions available: More than 90% of products have a product description.

You Are Curious to See Some Badges in Action?

You’re probably already a CheMondis customer, right? Then, the badges are displayed in different areas on CheMondis. Mainly on the product search pages, the product details pages, and during the negotiation.

You are not registered on the marketplace yet? You can register now and start earning your badges today – or simply benefit from the badges suppliers already earned.

How to Earn a Badge as a Supplier?

 Please login to your CheMondis account first. Then, find your dashboard and the badges details page.

Now you will be able to see green badges, that you already earned, and grey badges that are still open. Each grey badge will show you transparently what needs to be done to get the next badge.

Now It Is Up to You.

If you have any comments, questions, or wishes regarding this feature, please contact us:



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