Networking Guide – How to Rock Your LinkedIn Profile in 11 Steps.

Featured by: William Gilliver (Senior Client Solutions Manager @LinekdIn)

Do you still see LinkedIn as a collection of digital business cards? Then, your writing desk is probably pretty dusty…

What’s the Essence of Digital Networking?

The goals to be active in a business network, as a private person, or with a company profile are as diverse as there are different companies.
The platform can be used to find

  • a new job
  • stay up to date with news
  • put a face to the company
  • engage in interactive business discussions
  • generate leads
  • and much more…

The LinkedIn user numbers are proof of this relevance. In 2021, LinkedIn counts over 740 million members and over 57 million registered companies. This makes LinkedIn the largest business platform for networking worldwide.

Tell Your Story.

The large number of users worldwide (status as of December 2021) and a constantly growing number of participants, increase the risk of getting lost in the network.

Therefore, it is important to update your profile and stand out.

You are wondering now how to attract the attention of other networkers? Just follow the tips of our “11 steps to a successful LinkedIn profile guide”.

11 Steps to Your Successful LinkedIn Profile.

How do we know what the perfect LinkedIn profile looks like? We asked Senior Client Solutions Manager William Gilliver about that.

Step 1: Add a Photo

Members with a photo get up to:

9x more connection requests

21x more Profile views

36x more messages

Step 2: Record Your Name

Pronounce your name for others and make a great impression

  • Update on your mobile device
  • 10 secs, limit background noise
  • Hold the phone close to your mouth

Step 3: Add Your Industry

Members with industry information receive up to 9x more Profile views

More than 300K people search by industry on LinkedIn every week

Step 4: Show You’re Open to Work

  1. Add by clicking ‘add profile section’ and selecting ‘intro’
  2. Specify job preferences
  3. Over 30 million members have used this tool.

Step 5: Draft a compelling summary

Featured in your ‘About’ section

  • Your “elevator pitch”
  • Focus on career accomplishments and aspirations
  • 40+ words

Step 6: Feature Content

Bring your story to life by pinning rich media content you’re proud of to your ‘Featured’ section

Don’t forget to feature-rich media content throughout your profile

Step 7: Detail Your Work Experience

Member with up-to-date positions receive up to:

5x more connection requests
8x more Profile views
10x more messages

Step 8: Add Volunteer Experience

Members who add volunteer experience get up to 6xmore Profile views than those without

Step 9: Add Skills & Get Endorsed

Members who add 5or more skills receive up to

17x more Profile views

Step 10: Request a Recommendation

Recommendations help build your credibility and validate your skills

Step 11: Become Active!

  • Share links, articles, images, quotes, or anything else your followers might be interested in
  • Deeply explore topics that matter to you, then watch the comments to see your impact

And Now: Follow, Follow, Follow.

Follow companies and influencers and always get the most important news first. Do you have a great network already? Bring it to the platform and connect with colleagues and other business contacts to engage and stay in touch.

Now It Is Up to You.

We hope the article was useful for you! And now: register on LinkedIn, suspend or complete your profile and network with us!

Thanks for taking the time to read the CheMondis blog.

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