We launch CheMondis Payment Services – the Next Step in Facilitating Digital Trade.

As CheMondis, it is important for us to offer a secure environment for business – without any unnecessary risks.

Therefore, we partnered up with trustshare, the leading escrow payment infrastructure for online B2B marketplaces to offer a secure payment service to all users of our platform. It is directly embedded into the platform and allows simple, fast and cost-efficient payment handling while ensuring maximum protection for both parties.

Why Does This Payment Method Add Extra Security for You?

Next to the mere transfer of funds, the CheMondis Payment Service includes a so-called escrow option. It is designed to eliminate the risk of the delivery and payment processes. No more questioning yourself, whether you really want to pay a new supplier in advance, or whether you should really ship the goods to a new buyer on a 30 days invoice. With CheMondis’ Payment Service you have one hundred percent security for all transactions!

The Service works as follows:

You have just completed the negotiations on CheMondis. The deal is ready to happen. If your partner for this transaction has also allowed the payment type escrow, it can be selected within the negotiation.

Now, the buyer pays in advance, but the funds are not released yet – the funds are securely stored in a bank account that is associated with your transaction. The supplier can see that the payment has been made, so it is safe to ship the products now.

After successful shipment and delivery of the goods, the buyer releases the funds to the supplier for payout.

The supplier can now transfer the money to his bank account.

Obviously, this process is superior to traditional pay on invoice in speed, transparency, security, and costs.

What Does This Mean in Terms of Benefits for Your Company? 

We have summarized and compared the common payment methods of our industry for you in the following table.

I Am Convinced. How Can I Unlock the Feature for My Company?

Of course, both you and the other party need to agree to this payment method prior to using it. To do so, as a supplier you just need to enter an e-mail address in your Escrow and Payment Settings on CheMondis. As a buyer, you can register with our payment partner right after closing the deal. It is as easy as it sounds. Once, you’re done, you can use the new payment method…

Now It Is Up to You.

You want to get started?

You are not yet a customer on CheMondis but want to do secure business in the future?

Thank you for taking the time to read the CheMondis blog.


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