May We Introduce: The New Version of The Brandshop Feature.

You want to get into e-commerce or expand your digital sales channels? Then you will inevitably have to consider which sales platform you want to use.

The web offers a variety of options. The most common are probably marketplaces and online stores. So it’s not surprising that many manufacturers are increasingly asking themselves which digital sales channel is the right one.

What Are the Top 5 Pro’s of Marketplaces for You as a Supplier?

  • Extend your global reach and ensure that your brand and products are not just visible on CheMondis but also on search engines like Google
  • Generate new business by becoming visible to new markets and customers online to extend your business success
  • Low set up costs and efforts make a quick and uncomplicated start possible
  • Benefit from a trusted environment since every company on CheMondis needs to run through our verification process

What Are the Top 5 Pro’s of Online Shops for You as a Supplier?

  • Your products are not exposed to any competition
  • Benefit from any freedom regarding the design of your shop
  • Create your own domain for the shop

What Is a Brandshop on CheMondis?

The answer is pretty simple: both. The CheMondis brand shop combines the best of the two options. You can present your company and portfolio on a dedicated storefront that provides all advantages of an own online shop while being listed on the marketplace.

The brand shop enables you:


  • to present your product portfolio
  • we ensure that thousands of buyers will find your brand shop on CheMondis and Google
  • to customize your brand shop to fit your company’s corporate design

>> As of now, a dropdown menu with categories your products on CheMondis is embedded into your brandshop.

>> Use category teasers & benefit from the CheMondis badges

You want to learn more about the badges? Check our blog article here.

>> List your top products on top of your brandshop.

Now It Is Up to You.

You are already a Brandshop owner but want to upgrade to the new version?

Get in touch with your CheMondis Account Manager our leave us a message via the contact for here.

You want to set up a brandshop for your company on CheMondis?

Just leave your contact details here and we will get in touch!

Thank you for taking the time to read the CheMondis blog.

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