Order Process is Easier than ever with the New Tender Option on CheMondis.

How convenient: as of now you as a supplier can increase the visibility of your in-stock products by just a few clicks and you as a buyer will no longer miss an unbeatable offer – with the new tender functionality on CheMondis.

And yes, it really is as simple as it sounds. Suppliers of chemical products can place an ad for their in-stock products  with all the necessary details such as the available volume or offered Incoterms. Buyers can accept this immediately or place their own open RFQ for products they need, to which suppliers who have them in stock can respond with an offer.

Sounds good? Let’s take a closer look at the process for suppliers and buyers.

Ultimate Tender Guide for Buyers.

In the middle of your purchasing process you realize that you are  looking for a  product that is currently hard to find on the market, or for which you simply want to compare prices. Why not make it as easy as possible? Just post your open quote request via a predefined form on CheMondis and wait for offers coming to your desk. All the necessary information is shown in the graphic below.

Ultimate Tender Guide for Suppliers.

You want to get rid of some of your products quickly? Or are you one of the few suppliers who can currently offer a product that has been out of stock for some time? Then, draw attention to your company with the tender function on CheMondis. Of course, you can also see what is currently in high demand through open requests from buyers that you can respond to. Congrats, already you found a new business partner! See below what kind of information is needed.

Now It Is Up to You.

You felt addressed by this article? Then go ahead and create your first tender request or offer via your company’s account on CheMondis.

You are not a CheMondis customer yet? No worries! You can get your free access to the platform:

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