CheMondis marketplace

Product Search on CheMondis Explained

Make use of our product search functions and find products conveniently and simple as a buyer. Further cast light on your products and achieve a product listing as a supplier. [Reading Time: 3 mins]

Credit Rating and Debt Collection on CheMondis

Get free credit ratings before striking a deal and request access to our debt collection service if neccessary. Read more about our new features here!
[Reading Time: 1.5 mins]

CheMondis is taking the next Steps

Big moves on CheMondis! We are officially live. We are expanding gloablly. We have a new advisory board. [Reading Time: 1.5 mins]

CheMondis – Driving Digitalization Further

As a b2b marketplace CheMondis is dedicated to connecting key players of the chemical supply chain. Learn more about CheMondis here!
[Reading Time: 1.0 min]