Working at CheMondis

Working at CheMondis

Our business model is as unique as each of our team members and combines customer-centricity with tech and chem know-how. Since our founding, back in mid-2018, we have grown into a team of 35 talented people who are experts in their individual fields.

“It is extremely rewarding to work with an increasingly diverse team and so much passion.”Alina Knoop, Office Manager

At CheMondis, each of our colleagues performs a meaningful role, while enjoying unlimited access to learning, growth, and development opportunities. In addition to being able to take advantage of outstanding benefits, we want everyone to be healthy, to have enough time to vacate and have the financial resources and support they need, in and out of the office.

We have created a workplace that is unique, challenging, smart, and innovative. A workplace that is inclusive and reflects diversity. Where everyone can be their authentic self, and where this authenticity is celebrated as a strength.

We cultivate a working environment that inspires new ideas, promotes ownership and experimentation and supports highly motivated individuals to be truly creative and to serve our customers in the best possible way.

“One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is that I get to work together with great people from various cultures, with different expertise”Irene Prinz, Head of HR

People who work at CheMondis come from many different backgrounds, both professionally and culturally. Besides this diversity, we are also united by our corporate values and our culture. They guide us in every single decision we make, and we truly live by them.

Our core values are multi-perspectivity, responsibility, vision-driven orientation, collaboration, and personal development. To gain deeper insight into CheMondis, look at our previous blog article, about our corporate values, mission statements, and vision statements here.

Our mindset

Our teams are constantly working on exciting new ways to further develop our culture and way of working. We’re set up in an agile environment with flat hierarchies and small interdisciplinary teams.

How do we live agility at CheMondis? One example is, that we use Scrum as a framework to develop our product. It enables us to release software increments in two-week iterations. In other words, new functionalities, features, and components are deployed to the marketplace at least twice a month.

To get as much as possible released in these sprint-cycles or to provide the best possible customer experience, many teams hold daily stand-ups to align their activities. To help visualize our progress we make use of physical Scrum boards.

Furthermore, we apply Objectives & Key Results (OKR) in order to set and harmonize our company, team, and individual goals on a quarterly basis.

Office environment

Applying agile approaches does not only require rethinking traditional team constellations but also redesigning the working environment we need. For that reason, the CheMondis office was designed to our individual needs and tailored to our networking culture in the format of an open workspace. We work in an environment that makes us feel comfortable and that awakens the urge to participate and collaborate.

“The ergonomics of our surroundings are amazing.” Jesse, Working Student

Shaped in a semicircle, the office promotes both concentration and relaxation. While offering us multiple areas for creative collaboration, it also gives us the opportunity to speak confidently in secluded rooms. In various living room setups around the office, everyone can take a break and relax or have an informal conversation.

Right in the center of our office is an open space that can easily be – and often is –  adapted to different kinds of events such as tech meetups, hackathons, or other business-related events. This is also the place where we come together for our monthly team stand-up, where every team briefly updates all colleagues on current activities, learnings, and highlights.

Our perks

We believe rest and a fulfilled life outside of the office makes a happier, healthier team, which is vital to productivity. For us, trust is one of the most important pillars for being able to work autonomously. This is why everyone at CheMondis profits from flexible working hours and the option to work from home. 

When you look at our everyday office life, lunch is the time to socialize at CheMondis. We embrace a healthy lifestyle and always provide fresh fruit in the kitchen as well as snacks, drinks, and coffee. 

In our spacious kitchen, lunch can be cooked fresh or bought from nearby restaurant options. Colleagues meet here to enjoy the food – and each other’s company. A great perk is that CheMondis offers a subsidy for our daily lunches.

For us, a healthy lifestyle is not only linked to nutrition, but also to physical activities. Bi-weekly, our yoga teacher Nico gives a yoga class in the office, and on Wednesdays, we have the opportunity to take part in a soccer match.

We regularly promote team events, activities, and everything that brings our team members even closer together – and we also like celebrating our achievements! Whether it be team lunches, concerts, excursions, workshops, or team building activities – there’s always lots of fun.

Team rituals

To promote cooperation across teams and encourage networking, we additionally use so-called “donut dates”. The goal is to pair two people across the teams to get to know each other better and to gain insights into each other’s work fields and challenges by meeting for donuts and coffee.

Furthermore, we cultivate another weekly ritual at CheMondis – “beer time”. To ring in the weekend, on Fridays, every one can meet up in the office kitchen, to socialize, enjoy a drink and to look back at the past week’s achievements.

Now it is up to you

Exciting challenges lie ahead – we’re looking for open-minded game-changers to help shape the chemical industry of tomorrow. You feel amazed by what you’ve just read? Have a look at our open positions or send us an unsolicited application!

What do you think of our office environment and our daily lives? Do you have any questions left? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Thank you for taking the time to read the CheMondis Blog.

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