Analytics Feature: A New Way of Reaching Out to Potential Leads

New Analytics feature on CheMondis

CheMondis proudly presents a new feature for a better onboarding experience. The Analytics Feature is a cutting-edge tool designed to provide businesses with comprehensive insights into Buyer behavior and market trends. Suppliers now have the chance to see Search Impressions. Hence, be the ones to reach out to Buyers based on their search. 

With its revamped interface, users can now navigate the feature with ease and extract useful information from the data at their disposal. You can download the insights as an Excel sheet and share it with the rest of your team. 

A standout feature of this update is the implementation of an enhanced filtering section, designed to narrow down and deliver more tailored results. This functionality enables users to refine their search criteria based on specific parameters. Such as industry, location, and product type, facilitate more targeted outreach efforts, and maximize possible leads. 

By using the filters, you can now easily reach out to the Buyers with whom you had no conversation with so far and start building a business relationship. It is important to note that your filter preferences stay until you clear them. 

Interactions and Search Impressions 

With the new Analytics Feature, Suppliers will be able to see Interactions and Search Impressions, stating how many times their product showed up through search in CheMondis marketplace. 

Compared to Interactions, Search Impressions offer a deeper analysis of the Buyer profiles of those who interacted with your product. One notable outcome is the transparency in which Buyers interact with your company profile. 

Search Impressions and its filter options

The difference between Interactions and Search Impression Unfolds 

Interactions is all activity on your Product Details Pages and Company Profiles whereas Search Impressions gives you the number of times your products appeared in a Buyer’s search. While Impressions can be analyzed for the last 30, 60, and 90 days, Search Impressions also allow you to narrow it down to the last 7, 3, or 1 day. This makes it easier for you to keep an overview if you check your Search Impressions frequently. 

Another important difference is that, by using Search Impressions Suppliers can see the product name, the search terms used whether it is free text or substance search, the number of impressions each product got, and the last time it was searched. 

Interaction Details
Search Impression Details
Search Impression Details

Key Benefits of the Analytics Feature in a Nutshell 

  1. Traffic Insights: With Analytics, users gain visibility into the names of Buyers who have shown interest in their brand or products. This invaluable information empowers businesses to initiate direct communication with potential clients, fostering meaningful engagements and nurturing valuable connections. 
  1. Performance Tracking: Monitoring how Buyers interact with your brand and products is crucial for evaluating your marketing strategies and finding areas for improvement. 
  1. Strategic Optimization: By using the insights gleaned from the Analytics Feature, businesses can refine their strategies, optimize their offerings, and enhance their online presence, thereby maximizing their competitive advantage in the marketplace. 
  1. Maximize Opportunities: Identify the latest trends to stay ahead of market demands. Using the conversation feature can help to establish the first interaction between Suppliers and Buyers and allows you to create new leads. 

Tutorial Video: Mastering the Analytics Feature

To help you get the most out of Analytics, we’ve created a detailed tutorial video that walks you through its features and functionalities:

Introduction video to our new Analytics feature

Interview with David Kunisch 

In this part of the article, we will delve into the interview conducted with David Kunisch, our Product Manager at CheMondis. 

It is important for CheMondis users to understand the importance of the Analytics Feature from his point of view and what was influential to this update. Through our conversation, David articulated the key functionalities and benefits of this feature. 

Q: What is the most significant functionality of the Dashboard? 

Suppliers can proactively reach out to buyers based on their interests, which product they are interested in, and what they are looking for. Therefore, Suppliers have the chance to reach out to new leads in their own time. 

Q: How would you describe the significance of the Analytics Feature for users of CheMondis? 

The Analytics feature is crucial because it allows Suppliers to reach out to Buyers. The increasing trend of Supplier outreach since the launch is seen through data analysis. Approximately 90% of this outreach can be attributed to the insights provided by the Analytics Feature. 

Q: What was the reason for implementing the Analytics Feature? 

The Analytics feature was developed in response to customer feedback, it started with our Customers asking to see the data CheMondis was gathering. With the implementation of the Analytics feature, we see the importance of customer feedback as this feature is the direct result of it. 

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