Nice to meet you – we are Team Commercial

At CheMondis “Team Commercial” takes care of all customer-facing activities and is responsible for the commercial operations. Driven by the CheMondis vision, the commercial team wants to help companies digitize their procurement and sales units while supporting existing users and promoting the marketplace to the industry.

“Team Commercial” comprises four different disciplines, all aligned by one common goal: Digitalizing marketing, sales & procurement for the chemical industry. The team is led by Cornelia Birnbrich – Head of Commercial and has experts from the fields of customer success management, sales, marketing and chemical product management.

“It’s not about digital sales, it’s about selling in a digital world.”  David Kunisch – Key Account Manager

Our “Sales Team” with David Kunisch and Felix Adam is the first personal face or voice to the customer. Their goal is to win new customers. Both buyers and suppliers for our marketplace. They provide detailed information on how to join the marketplace while promoting the CheMondis vision to interested parties.

Make sure to meet and greet team sales at relevant chemical trade fairs and exhibitions around the globe. In case your company is interested in joining the CheMondis marketplace – please reach out to our sales team. Learn which trade fairs we will attend by following us on LinkedIn.

“Our focus is our customer”  Keum Won Jung – Business Development Manager

Our “Customer Success Team”, consisting of Business Development Managers Keum-Won Jung, Patricia Moock and Dr. Julia Schloots make sure that all customers using CheMondis, use it successfully. Once a buyer/supplier has registered for CheMondis, customer success makes sure that the desired customer outcome is achieved.

In short: they make it work for you! They onboard new users step by step, helping them upload their first product or making their first purchase, while supporting existing users. In case you have any issues with the marketplace – please get in contact with us via and let customer success help you.

“It is rewarding to see great tools that enable companies to easily market and sell chemical products.” Felix Adam – Key Account Manager

The CheMondis “Marketing Team” is digital. Our Senior Marketing Manager Vincent Kusbac and Performance Marketer Daniel Beckers make sure that relevant customers are able to find us. They work hand in hand with our team of working students, Anna Shitova, Daria Gerasimova, Caroline Sajonz, and Jesse Otto, who make sure to provide the most relevant content in the most relevant channels to our customers.

“Quality is key, especially in the chemical industry.” Julie Gai – Chemical Product Manager

Chemical product manager, Julie Gai and working student Samar Diraoui, backtrack the chemical information of listed products and substances. Checking if product and substance information is complete, up-to-date and of high quality. To ensure that our customers can make well-informed purchasing decisions when using CheMondis.

What it is like to work in Team Commercial

The most enjoyable part of working in the commercial landscape is the team itself. Passionate personalities, industry-specific skill sets, and a strong group cohesion characterize “Team Commercial”.

“I love the Team” Patricia Moock – Business Development Manager

Team Commercial shares the goal of a happy and successful customer using our marketplace to the fullest extent possible. Therefore, collaboration is key to us. Between one-on-one weekly and team meetings – there is always someone to ask for advice, help, or support within the team.

Our open space office allows for a quick group discussion or brainstorming session at any time. Cross-functional cooperation between sub-teams of the “Commercial Team” and further other teams are just as common as after-work team events.

“On Friday afternoons the CheMondis team gets together for an end-of-the-week-beer. We exchange the most important events of the week and of course our plans for the weekend.” Caroline Sajonz – Social Media Manager

Apart from that, it is always fun to market and sell a product with great demand and a high level of innovation. Simply because it sells better. The CheMondis marketplace is a unique product, generating arising interest in the chemical industry and beyond.

Why work at CheMondis? Drive the development of a tech-start-up and join our agile, interdisciplinary, and international team. Enjoy flat hierarchies, flexible working hours, a competitive salary, and our modern office located in the center of cologne. The balance between start-up flexibility and corporate stability make CheMondis an attractive employer. Join the Team today and be part of the digital movement tomorrow. Find out about all our current job offers here.

Now it is up to you

Have you met our sales team on trade fairs before? What’s your experience with customer success? Did you find us on Google? And what do you think of our online marketing efforts? Do you have more questions? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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