How is it to work at CheMondis

Working at CheMondis is an amazing opportunity to engage in an innovative and exciting product. Find out how it is to work at CheMondis now!

Send Special Offers to selected Buyers on CheMondis

Sell and buy products as special offers on CheMondis. Our integrated feature allows suppliers to make custom deals for selected buyers. Find out more about it here!
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We are happy to introduce Team Staff

Team staff makes sure the overall operations run smoothly. Head of Human Ressources Irene Prinz and Office Manager Alina Knoop take care of #teamchemondis.
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Product Search on CheMondis Explained

Make use of our product search functions and find products conveniently and simple as a buyer. Further cast light on your products and achieve a product listing as a supplier. [Reading Time: 3 mins]

Credit Rating and Debt Collection on CheMondis

Get free credit ratings before striking a deal and request access to our debt collection service if neccessary. Read more about our new features here!
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Applications of Modern Nanotechnology

Even if we don’t always notice nanoparticles – they are widely applied in chemical and downstream industries. Learn more about nanotechnology here!
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How the European Union regulates Chemicals

REACH is a European Union regulation that addresses the production and use of chemical substances, and their impacts on human health and the environment.
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CheMondis is taking the next Steps

Big moves on CheMondis! We are officially live. We are expanding gloablly. We have a new advisory board. [Reading Time: 1.5 mins]