One Year Since Market Launch

On the 5th of November, our CheMondis marketplace turned one year old – this is why we are celebrating all month long. Get ready for a series of exciting content, including blog posts, animations, and further company announcements. Whether you are a CheMondis user from day one, a newcomer, or just interested in our marketplace, we are glad you are here with us. Join us on our blog and on all our social media channels to find out all about our birthday month.

What happened so far?

The Europe-based marketplace was founded about 1.5 years ago by the chemical specialty producer LANXESS. Set up as an own legal entity, CheMondis is tackling the challenge of digitalization in the chemical industry. Back in November 2018, the marketplace successfully launched its open beta version.

Since then, over one thousand verified chemical companies have registered with a total of 2350 active users, trading more than 13,000 active products on the platform. Within the last 12 months, trading volumes have been steadily increasing with an increasing customer base.

Last November, we kicked off the beta version with a custom interface and a broad range of elementary marketplace features. These included among others an advanced search function, the possibility to chat between buyer and supplier, Instant Deal purchasing or selling, or individual negotiations.

Over the course of the last year we have expanded our features and functionalities a lot further: an automated product upload, an integrated credit rating service, and most recently the possibility to depict and apply long-term contractual agreements on the marketplace.

Especially, our purchasing options have evolved. Traditionally, there are two different ways of selling products on CheMondis. Suppliers can either choose to sell products directly as Instant Deals at fixed list prices or they can individually issue quotes based on Quote Requests from prospective customers.

A couple of months ago CheMondis introduced the “special offer” feature, allowing suppliers to make custom deals for selected buyers, as both an Instant Deal or a Quote Request. Only a couple of weeks ago, CheMondis has introduced a new option to help buy and sell chemicals on the marketplace – the Agreement.

It allows the buying and selling parties to agree on specific terms for recurring orders for a certain time period and to the buyer to gradually call-off the pre-defined volumes.

Our customers

At this point, we want to thank all CheMondis users. Our success is linked to our users and their continuous feedback. Since last year, we have single-handily verified and personally onboarded around one thousand chemical companies to the platform.

We are especially grateful for all the early movers of the industry and the trust and support the chemical industry in total has given us. We are excited to continue this way.

  • SynHet – Synthetic Heterocycles
  • Livchem Logistics GmbH
  • LANXESS Deutschland GmbH
  • ViVoChem B.V.
  • Mosselman SA
  • BÜFA Chemikalien GmbH & Co. KG
  • Life Chemicals Europe GmbH

Since our launch, CheMondis held over 1700 support chats via our inbuilt business messenger. We support registerd users with difficulties, missunderstandings and other erros, while we inform interested individuals about the CheMondis marketplace.

Team growth

The CheMondis team is an agile and entrepreneurial group of experts from the chemical industry and the world of technology. Our diverse team consists of a variety of personalities, from twelve different nationalities and cultural backgrounds – grouped into three departments. Team Commercial, Team Product, and Team Engineering.

In the course of the last year, the entire CheMondis team has grown to a total size of 30 employees. We are ready, to continue tackling the challenge of digitalizing the chemical industry. We are very happy to have every single team member on board and hope to further recruit talented colleagues. Interested in joining us at CheMondis? See all our current job offers here.

What is next?

The new year is almost there, 2020. Time flies and technology evolves.  Technological advancements can lead to the change of a complete industry – as we have seen in the telecommunication industry, during the late 2000s. The internet changed the game.

And now comes CheMondis to help digitalize marketing, sales, and procurement within the chemical industry. In order to make the marketplace even better for users, our developers and designers are constantly working on new features and functionalities. What’s planned next, you might ask yourself.

There are a few components that can already be revealed. We are looking forward to launching an optimized search function, an inbuilt sample demand, and further a brand-new static page. And this is not even a fraction of what will be implemented in the course of 2020. Stay tuned.

In a nutshell

CheMondis has successfully launched the open beta version of the marketplace exactly one year ago. Since then, over one thousand verified chemical companies have registered, trading more then 13,000 active products on the platform. 

Within the last 12 months, trading volumes have been steadily increasing with an increasing customer base. New functionalities and features have been and are to be implemented. We are going for more!

Thanks for taking the time to read the CheMondis Blog.