CheMondis Rebranding – Design Annoucement

CheMondis was first launched in November 2018. Now, one year later we have grown. And we are excited to announce that as of December 2019 we will be adapting our branding accordingly to reflect this.

As part of our rebranding strategy, our company logo, brand colors, and static pages will be optimized. These changes are part of our communication strategy targeted to further position, establish and grow our brand in the chemical industry. This will affect our looks, but not who we are inside. This means, our rebranding strategy will not impact any of the services offered to you by us. We will continue to work with the same agility, speed, and efficiency you have come to experience.

Before we get into the re-branding itself, let’s have a look at the core of our CheMondis brand.

Our Brand – What We Stand For.

We connect experts from the worlds of chemistry and technology. It is that combination and approach that makes us unique. Extensive chemical know-how, deep customer insights, and trust as a proven core value on one hand and technology, new business ideas, and an agile mindset on the other. We combine more than a century of expertise in chemicals with state-of-the-art technology.

Our Touchpoints – The Experience We Want to Create.

At CheMondis, we are aware that each touch-point is an opportunity to create a great customer experience and to, thus, build customer loyalty. Our customers want any touch-point to be simple, easy to use, navigable, and understandable. They do not want complexity, information overload, and frustration.

Our customer also wants trustworthy, relevant information about brands, products, and guidance on how to compare and choose them. Therefore, our efforts to improve the customer experience strive to achieve simplicity and trustworthiness in the long term.

Our Offer – The Benefits We Are Bringing.

CheMondis is designed in a way to tackle the offline pain points by both Buyers and Suppliers in the chemical industry. Buyers often have to invest a huge amount of time into screening new products and suppliers. They struggle with delivery commitment, a good price overview, and documentation.

As CheMondis, we offer real-time access to product data, datasheets, and Supplier certificates that make the life of chemical buyers easier. A comprehensive product catalog, along with different purchasing options, helps buyers improve their business efficiency tremendously. Registered buyers can either buy instantly with guaranteed availability and fixed prices, negotiate a one-time deal or long-term contractual agreements.

Suppliers of raw materials for the chemical industry can broaden their market reach with CheMondis and boost their business with a little extra effort. They can offer an unlimited number of products across borders and find new validated buyers.

They can sell via spot-deals or long-term agreements to either new or existing customers and use add-on services like creditworthiness checks and document management to improve efficiency and reduce their order-to-cash costs.

Our Logo – Our Solid Promise.

The new, as well as the old, CheMondis logo uses a solid “night rider black”. The honeycomb, linked to the structure of Graphene, forms the foundation of our visual identity. We incorporate the characteristics and properties of the material into our company DNA: its unbreakable and reliable nature is a metaphor for trust. Small changes but big impacts. Can you spot the difference?

What’s new? The most significant change, we made is that we removed the color grade from the logo. Now, the CheMondis logo is even more solid, without any brand mark. Making it appear more solid, modern, and sophisticated. Just the way CheMondis perceives itself. The new logo is supposed to make the logo easier to read and to print.

New Website – What We Show to the World

Ever since we launched CheMondis we have continuously upgraded our websites, mostly with updated content, such as newly implemented features. Today we are proud to present our brand-new website.

We are convinced that the new website will help our existing users and interested parties to better understand the nature of our business and the services we offer to customers.

Our fresh new design compliments our company colors, whilst combining a modern, visual-tech-look with our traditional honeycomb-graphene structure. We invite you to check our new pages and to leave us some feedback here.

In a nutshell

The CheMondis brand connects experts from the worlds of chemistry and technology.  Our efforts to improve the customer experience strive to achieve simplicity and trustworthiness. As part of our re-branding strategy, our company logo, brand colors, and static page have been optimized. This will not affect any of the services offered to you by us.

Thank you for taking the time to read the CheMondis Blog.