The chemical industry goes digital. But, what does that mean? Which trends will be driving us in the future? Which innovations are exciting the industry?

 In the #chemfluencer podcast, we discuss with experts about trends, challenges, and innovations driving the industry once a month.

Logistic crisis, investments in digital solutions, which skillsets are required today, and which role plays agile leadership in the chemical industry? We will take a closer look at each of them and many more.

 The #chemfluencer episodes are now available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts!

Episode 1: Why the Chemical Industry Is Interesting to Global Venture Capital Investors?

Shownotes: Why and what exactly is so valuable about the chemical industry? What are the biggest risks involved? Where does the growing interest in investing in chemical industry startups come from in competition with other industries?

Within this episode, Sebastian Brenner (Managing Director @CheMondis) and Marc Stilke (Venture Partner and former CEO of Immoscout) dive into the discussion.

Moreover, our hosts elaborate on the differences in the investment trends of Business Angels and Venture Capital Investors.

Episode 2: Why the Need for Digital Sales Channels in B2B Has Never Been as Great as Today.

Shownotes: “We are a leading company with very strong roots and a history of more than 150 years, but, at the same time we understood the concepts and opportunities of transforming towards digital fairly early.”

Within this episode, Stephan Andreas (Co-CEO @Julius Hoesch) and Alexander Kronenberg (Head of Marketing & Sales @CheMondis) elaborate on the opportunities, risks, and success factors for digital sales channels in the chemical industry.

Episode 3: The Desire for Joint Innovation in Sustainability in the Chemical Industry.

Shownotes: “We need to move from egosystems to ecosystems and operate in networks.” – thus the sustainability approach at SAP. Which chances and opportunities would the approach bring to the chemical industry?

Within this episode, Pedro Ahlers (Sustainability Innovation Architect @SAP) and Daniel Born (Chemical Product Manager @CheMondis) speculate about the future.

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