The CheMondis Team is super excited to announce that we have launched a new feature a couple of weeks ago. One which makes the lives of both our customers and our team a lot easier. It is now possible to upload product listings in bulk!

Uploading Multiple Products

Before the launch of the new feature most products were uploaded individually. This process assured a very high quality of product data but was very time consuming for either the customer or our team. In most cases customers would send the product information to us, and we would perform the upload for them. This is getting a lot easier since we introduced the bulk upload. Suppliers on CheMondis can now upload hundreds of products at the same time for free. Thousands of products have already been bulk-uploaded successfully since launch. 

How does it work?

It is very simple. Log in to CheMondis, download, edit and fill in the template, get it verified by our team, and upload it back to the platform. That’s it!

CheMondis provides a practical template to add product listings to the marketplace. The template is a custom-made Microsoft Excel file and is easy to use. Of course, other spreadsheet software is compatible as well (e.g. Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice etc.). The template contains FAQs, common errors and detailed instructions on how to fill out the file. 

Once the upload is done, you can of course still check and edit each product page afterwards in our product management tool. This might be relevant when product information or availabilities change.

Make an attractive Product Page

When selling products online, suppliers will naturally try to market their products in the best way possible. While doing so, a clear communication about product information towards potential buyers is the key to success. In order to communicate product information properly, try to make your product page as attractive as possible.

Your product page displays all relevant information of a specific product. Making it the first touchpoint with potential buyers. Don’t mess up the first impression. Keep your product page up to date and give customers a reason to buy.

Here at CheMondis we offer several product attributes for suppliers to describe their product in depth. Ranging from CAS and REACH numbers to free-text product descriptions. Excellent information quality and communication towards buyers can boost your sales.

Now it is up to you

What do you think of the CheMondis Bulk Upload? Is it helpful? What is most helpful to you? And which other features could be useful on the marketplace? Let us know and leave a comment in the section below!

Thanks for taking the time to read the CheMondis Blog. 

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  1. David

    The team is certainly happy, bulk uploads will save a lot of time!


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