Even Better Search With our Incoterm Filter

Even Better Search With our Incoterm Filter

With our latest deployment, we introduced the Incoterm filter to our search functionality on CheMondis. It improves the experience for all CheMondis customers – buyers and suppliers.

By using the Incoterm filter, you as a buyer can filter any product on CheMondis by the desired Incoterm. The Incoterm filter in combination with the delivery country filter makes it easier for you, as a buyer to find the right offer. The filter also helps you, as a supplier to only receive quotes and orders they can execute.

What are Incoterms?

The delivery on CheMondis is fulfilled in accordance with the Incoterm, that you have agreed on with the supplier.

Incoterms® (International Commercial Terms) are predefined commercial conditions used in international trade. They help to understand tasks, costs, and risks of the parties with respect to the transportation of goods.

Currently, we have Incoterms® 2010 applicable on CheMondis.

This is the incoterm for buyers.

You want to have products delivered or rather want to pick them up yourself? With CheMondis you can now find the desired Incoterms the suppliers offer by filtering within our product search. Doing this before quoting saves you a lot of time.

Use the product search and find the Incoterm filter on the left-hand side next to industry, product group and country filters.

This is the incoterm filter for suppliers.

Now provide the Incoterm information for all your products to any potential buyer. This will help you to receive more relevant and fitting quotes and order requests. You can provide the information on company level for all products at once. Then you can choose different Incoterms for particular products in a second way. We describe below how this works.

Set the generally offered Incoterms on company level.

  • Login on CheMondis.com
  • Navigate to settings
  • Go to your company
  • Select those Incoterms that apply. This will be the default value for all products.

Change the data for single products where the default does not apply.

  • Login on CheMondis.com
  • Navigate to settings
  • Go to My Products
  • Select the Product and select the Incoterms that apply for this particular product.

Stay tuned: More filters to come.

We will even further develop the filter functions with introducing more filters that improve your CheMondis experience as a buyer or supplier. Soon we will explain our packaging and quantity filters – stay tuned!

What do you think?

Do you have any questions around the Incoterm filter? Did you already try them out? What are your first experiences? We appreciate any feedback in order to improve our product every day. Leave a comment below or contact us.

Thanks for taking the time to read the CheMondis Blog. 

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