Finally, Available: Supplier Location and Manufacturer Filters.

In 2021 we want to continue our journey of making buying chemicals for you as easy as possible. We learned from your feedback that our buyers are missing two extra filters to be able to narrow down their searches on CheMondis to their exact needs. Here they come:

As of now, buyers can filter according to the “Supplier Location” or for “Manufacturers”. Of course, they can be combined with each other and with our existing filters to make your search results even more precise.

Supplier Location Filter

With our location filter, you can choose which countries you would like to source from. Using the filter only suppliers from your selected countries will be displayed in the search results. This will help you to find local suppliers and to keep transportation costs low.

Please note: that we use the company’s headquarter address for this information. Products might eventually be located at different locations.

Manufacturer Filter

For some product demands you might prefer to purchase from a specific manufacturer directly. You can now filter the product search results by one or more preferred manufacturers to narrow down your search before sending a request. To find this filter please log in to your buyer account.

Please note: that manufacturers often only sell large quantities and your request might be forwarded to a distributor.

Now It Is Up To You.

We hope you will enjoy using those filters to find a fitting product. We look forward to seeing your quote requests and orders on CheMondis.

If you have questions about those filters, please get in touch with us. For general feedback around any feature and the usage of feedback please let us know about your problems and ideas. Just send a mail to

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