Always be up to date of your negotiations on CheMondis – with our notification badge.

Always be up to date of your negotiations on CheMondis – with our notification badge

How many new requests did I receive? How many new offers do I have? Is there an update on my order? Did I receive a new message or document? Buyers and Suppliers on CheMondis now easily find the number of unread updates.

You can’t miss the updates.

After login, you find your updates in the menu bar displayed as blue dots. The number in the dots shows the number of new developments which are still unread.

After opening a table, a blue dot in the table view will show you where any update happened. The blue dots are displayed with the Request, Agreements, and Orders tables.

How the counter and blue dot work?

The counter considers all status updates as well as all chat messages and shared documents. The status updates include new requests and new offers and confirmed orders. For each update you are assigned to, the blue dot will appear.

After opening the details page of any negotiations, the blue dot will disappear for you as a user. For your colleagues who are also assigned to certain negotiations, the blue dot will stay until those details were read by them personally. This way we can ensure that each user receives all the relevant information, even if there are multiple users for one account.

Now it is up to you.

Do you have any questions or comments about our new feature? If so, feel free to contact us using the options below. We are looking forward to your feedback!

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