Compare Request and Offer Details to Get the Best Deal for Your Company.

Compare Request and Offer Details to Get the Best Deal for Your Company

Buyers and Suppliers on CheMondis can now easily compare details of their outgoing and incoming requests. This might help both parties in a negotiation to keep the overview of all company’s activities on CheMondis and to find the best deal.

No More Manual Comparison by Opening Emails and Creating Excel Sheets.

Looking from the demand perspective you are always looking to find the best offer, or you want to check the status of different requests.

Looking from the supply perspective you might want to get a simple overview of the different status for a specific product or from a certain buyer. Again, you can select the requests of interest to you and you receive a simple table allowing you to compare them and to be right up to speed again.

The comparison table is kept simple to allow you to give all your attention to what matters most to you.

It allows you to easily compare the following information:

  • Request type & status
  • Product name
  • Buyer / supplier name
  • Volume
  • Packaging
  • Delivery conditions
  • Offer validity
  • Price
  • Payment terms

To start any comparison, please login on and navigate to “Requests” or click the Button below:

Select the requests and negotiations you would like to compare by ticking the boxes that appear when moving the mouse above a certain row.

Click “Compare selected” to open the comparison overview. For a detailed view, you need to scroll down a bit. At the bottom of the table, you will find a button to open any request to continue negotiating. Or, by clicking “add request” you can add a request to the table, by clicking “x” you can remove them.

Now It Is Up to You.

Try the feature now to compare any request you want. If you have any comments, questions, or wishes regarding this feature, please contact us:

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